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Beauty at a Cost – Renovating a Heritage Listed Home

Seeped in cultural and historical significance, it’s understandable that there are restrictions when renovating a heritage listed home. While that’s not to say that you can’t make any changes, often required is more legwork and a creative streak.

Understand what you’re doing

Working on a property with a heritage listing comes down to knowing the implications of your proposed plan. Understanding the reasons why certain things cannot be altered will not only help you to obtain council approval, but will also highlight why the building’s character, architecture or landscape is worth conserving.

Determine its level of significance

Whether the features are external or internal, determining where the heritage value lies will set you up for what you need for development approval. It will also highlight where the restrictions will be enforced on your building works.

No cutting corners

When dealing with heritage works things will be inevitably complicated and having a specialist team by your side will prove invaluable. A heritage consultant, experienced architect or even a town planner can assist you throughout the heritage application process, from the design to dealing with the council.

Know the difference between restoration and conservation

Commonly confused terms, restoration is returning something to its original form, whereas conservation is maintaining what is already there. Deciding what to do is a judgement call on your part. Both are worthwhile, it’s just a question of what end result you would prefer.

Bright pink is as good as cream

Considering the materials you use is of huge importance as you have to ensure that the property is liveable without compromising its unique character. Whilst a new coat of paint won’t affect the fabric or the long-term conservation or restoration possibilities for the project, structural changes are where you can come unstuck.

MFAA brokers are of a high standard in the industry and they will be able to recommend other professionals that will assist in your heritage home renovation. Although it may be a more arduous task than the average home, it is your opportunity to contribute to the preservation of an area’s history, which makes the cost of beauty worth the effort and expense.

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