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How to Get a Mortgage Interest Rate Discount RIGHT NOW!

What is it all about?

Ever heard someone talk about their new home loan and hearing about how they got a great rate?

Borrowers who have a mortgage with a big 4 bank (CBA, ANZ, NAB or Westpac) should read on as they could save thousands right now!

Why would they give me a discount?

Have you ever heard of retention pricing? With interest rates at historical lows, the big 4 banks are racing to the bottom with their interest rates and there are great opportunities out there for existing borrowers to make some fantastic savings!

In order to compete they are offering what is called “retention pricing” to existing customers. This is essentially a discount on their current interest rate in order to keep your business.

What’s the point of getting a small discount?

The maths is simple. If a borrower has a $500,000 loan and received only a 0.1% discount from 4.10% to 4.00% at the beginning of their loan they would save $10,407.60 over 30 years.

Do you want to pay over $10,000 less on your mortgage over the life of the loan?

Surely this must be a painful process…

Thankfully it’s a very simple process:

Step 1: Call me on 0490 075 039 (or email me on and give me some details about your current mortgage including original loan amount, balance, account number and current interest rate (all easily obtained from a statement).

Step: 2: Sign and forward a privacy consent form that confirms to the bank that I’m allowed to talk to them about your loan.

That’s it! Two whole steps!

After you submit your details to me and provide me with the privacy consent form, I will go away, contact the bank, negotiate on your behalf and come back to you with confirmation of your new rate and when it is applicable from.

It truly is that simple.

What’s in it for you?

I get what is called a trail income (paid by the bank, not you!) from the rate reduction which I can explain in detail when we talk.

More importantly, I’m not a broker that is interested in moving clients from bank to bank every time they refinance in order to bulk up my commission. If a borrower is happy with their bank and I can get that bank to give them a better rate, why on Earth would I put them through the pain of additional paperwork? This requires one form to be signed and I take care of the rest. If you’re happy, you will tell your friends and my business grows from providing great service.

Are there any disclaimers?

The first disclaimer is that this is only applicable for variable rate loans. Unfortunately the banks will not budge on fixed rates. The final disclaimer is that discounts are not guaranteed and are dependent on the bank’s discretion. They take into account the size of your debts, your loan conduct and any other products you have when applying a discount.

So what have you go to lose? Call me on 0490 075 039 today and let me see if I can help you save on your mortgage.

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