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What to Expect from your First Meeting with your Mortgage Broker

Your first meeting with a mortgage broker is an opportunity to make your dreams a reality. They have the expertise to help you do this, but you will need to pitch in as well, of course. It’s important to do your homework before the first meeting.

Your mortgage broker will also expect you to have your documentation prepared as much as possible. This includes having two pay slips ready or, if you’re self-employed, having two tax returns at hand.

You will also need evidence of any other income and assets such as investment properties, shares, dividend income and other investments. If you go into the first meeting with all the information prepared, it makes it much easier for you to explain your position and for your mortgage broker to understand exactly what your current financial circumstances are.

Particularly where you are meeting with the mortgage broker for the first time, ensure that you bring at least two forms of photo ID (passport and drivers license are ideal but if you don’t have these then birth certificate and medicare card can also be useful) and that the spelling of your name is identical on all forms of ID.

You should expect your mortgage broker to ask a range of questions about your current and future lifestyle and financial situation, so he or she can take into account factors such as whether you are planning to start a family, start a new business or relocate.

Your mortgage broker is trying to understand who you are and what you are looking to achieve, to help you meet your goals. Meeting your goals is made possible through the range of products a mortgage broker has access to, as opposed to a bank that will only offer its own products, combined with the mortgage broker’s expertise in finding the right product.

Working with a mortgage broker gives you access to literally hundreds of different financial products from many different financial institutions. This differs from approaching a bank, which will only be able to make recommendations about its own financial products.

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